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From sentient overalls to teaching us kids how to bartend, there was always a row of weird arcade games that gave me the willies. It even smelled funny around the Qbert machines.

Here is a short list of weird arcade games from the 80s from the Big Gulp-drenched sticky section of the arcade.

Journey of Timothy (1984): A side-scrolling platformer where you control a… sentient pair of overalls? Timothy the walking garment explores a surreal world, using his zipper as a grappling hook and his legs (attached to shoes that hop independently) to navigate. Add in bizarre enemies like walking eyeballs and floating heads, and you’ve got a recipe for one truly oddball adventure.

Help! Does anyone have an image of this game? It has been all but lost from internet memory. I vaguely remember playing it, just because you never forget the first time you played a game as a pair of overalls. Contact us if you have a pic!

Baraduke 80s arcade game

Baraduke (1988): Imagine you’re a musclebound caveman fighting off waves of enemies by throwing… eggs, fish, and your own limbs. Yes, you read that right. Disarm yourself of an arm to chuck at a baddie, or even your entire head! This over-the-top absurdity, coupled with some hilarious animations, makes Baraduke a truly unique experience.

Tapper (1983): You’re not a soldier, a spaceship pilot, or even a plumber. You’re Ernie, a bartender. Your goal? Pour beer fast enough to keep your rowdy patrons happy and prevent them from starting fights. Sounds simple, but juggling mugs, dealing with drunks, and maintaining the peace in a pixelated pub makes for a surprisingly hectic and oddly satisfying game.

time crisis arcade game 80s

Time Crisis (1995): While technically released in 95, it captures the outlandish spirit of the 80s. Blast your way through a hostage situation using a light gun and two pedals for cover. Dodge bullets, take hostages hostage back from bad guys, and even do some fancy sliding action. The cheesy voice acting and ridiculous story add to the charm of this light-gun bonanza. A truly weird arcade game!

karate champ 1984 video game

Karate Champ (1984): Not inherently a weird arcade game, but the control scheme sure was! Instead of joysticks or buttons, you controlled your virtual karate fighter by punching and kicking a pressure pad attached to the cabinet. Imagine getting into virtual brawls in the middle of an arcade, and you’ve got the gist of Karate Champ’s unique, sweat-inducing appeal.

What was your favorite weird game memory from the arcade? Comment below!

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