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1990 was a special time. We weren’t really over the 80s, but a new decade did give us pause as to what may be coming in the future. Were the good times gone? Or were we about to embark on a new journey in music, games, fashion, and movies?

Anyway, here’s a house tour from 1990. Count how many things in this video you or your friends had in their homes in 1990. (Don’t forget the wood paneling!)

Things that stuck out for me in this video:

  1. Wood paneling
  2. That study pillow thing with the arms (EVERYONE had one!)
  3. Stupid brother (or sister)
  4. The word “retarded”
  5. The wood cabinet TV – with remote! High tech!
  6. Dirty aquarium
  7. Guinea Pigs were big then
  8. Sister’s room episode of Hoarders
  9. That front door!
  10. 1/2 basement stairs
  11. The complete inability to know what to do in front of a camera (they were new still)
  12. We acted utterly differently without phones. We talked to each other A LOT more.
  13. Accordion doors
  14. MAD magazine
  15. Those weird hook rugs we made and put on walls

What did I miss? Let us know below in comments!

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