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Neon lights pulse in time with a killer guitar riff. Hairspray hangs heavy in the air. It’s the 80s rock music quiz for Gen Xers! Dust off your leg warmers and grab your air guitar, because you’re about to be transported back to a decade of power ballads, anthems of rebellion, and synthesizer magic.

Classic album covers flash across the screen: Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Guns N’ Roses. Can you identify the song from just a few iconic chords? Remember that one-hit wonder everyone forgot but you? Your chance to shine! Bonus points for outrageous 80s fashion and knowing the lyrics to that hidden B-side track. Crank up the volume, raise your fist, and prove you still remember how to rock! Buckle up, Gen Xers, it’s gonna be a wild ride through the best music of our youth.

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