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Something gnarly happened on AGT last year that I don’t think many heavy metal enthusiasts caught. At first, when the band came out on stage I was prepared to be offended. I thought they would make fun of it, or that they weren’t from the X generation.

When the camera zoomed in, I saw something unexpected: these dudes looked like Gen Xers. Like they played back in the day and, somehow, were still playing. Steel Panther, with 6 studio albums, a DVD, and a couple decades of touring came on the AGT stage and blew everyone away. I was surprised how the audience reacted. They clearly love to rock and recognized an essential nutrient was missing from their listening diet once the band was finished.

Anyway, watch the audience reaction to this band and tell me glam rock and heavy metal can’t make a popular comeback! These guys are good, but they also have kind of a comedy act to their shows. Wonder what exposure to a Bon Jovi-style “Cowboy” anthem would have done to that crowd!

YouTube video

About Steel Panther

Steel Panther is actually a relatively young band, formed in Los Angeles in 2000. While their music and image are heavily influenced by the glam metal scene of the 80s, they didn’t hit the scene until the turn of the millennium.

They’re known for their outrageous stage presence, parody lyrics that poke fun at the glam metal lifestyle, and catchy, sing-along tunes. Think spandex, big hair, and tongue-in-cheek anthems about partying, girls, and all things rock n’ roll.

Here are some of their most popular songs:

YouTube video
  • Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of the World

  • Eye of the Tiger (another cover, this time by Survivor)

  • Sex Panther

If you’re looking for a band that will make you laugh and have a good time, Steel Panther is definitely worth checking out. They’re not your typical heavy metal band, but they’re sure to put a smile on your face.

If you want a funny but 1000% accurate telling of what it was like in 1987, I can’t think of a better video than Steel Panther’s, well… 1987!

YouTube video

Here are some other interesting facts about Steel Panther:

  • They were originally called Metal Shop, then Metal Skool, before settling on Steel Panther.
  • The band members all use stage names: Michael Starr (lead vocals), Satchel (guitar), Stix Zadinia (drums), and Spyder (bass).
  • They’ve opened for some of the biggest names in rock, including Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard, and Guns N’ Roses.
  • They’ve been featured in several movies and TV shows, including “Rock of Ages” and “Entourage.”

So, there you have it! The truth about Steel Panther, the not-so-90s, but definitely awesome glam metal band.

Keep the fun alive and check out Steel Panther – they have a ’24 tour going on now!

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